Circuit Sword Lite Colors! (Game Boy Zero)


RaspberryPi Zero W based retrogaming handheld capable of supporting most classic systems from Atari Era – SNES/GENESIS/GBA

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Circuit Sword Lite is a GameBoy Zero AIO pcb specially designed by brilliant modder from the forums who goes by username Kite (@Kiteretro on Instagram)!

This device is a Raspberry Pi based Handheld Retro Gaming device – Hand built by me! (@Marky_Pi)


Circuit Sword Lite is capable of playing most classic systems ranging from Atari era to SNES/Genesis!

Shells and buttons will be purchased from RETROMODDING.COM

to see the colors check out these links!

Shell Options

Shell for Game Boy

Button Options

Buttons for Game Boy

(If you’d like a custom shoot me an email at


– Headphone Jack

– USB 2.0 port

– Micro USB charge port

– Speaker

– Volume control wheel

– Onscreen keyboard

– 320×240 LCD screen

– 4,000mah Rechargeable Lipo Battery

– Battery Monitor

– Safe Shutdown

– 32GB Storage that comes preloaded with a Retropie image /games

– Easy access to SD card

– ABXY / Dpad + LR buttons



– Gameboy

– Gameboy Advance

– Gameboy Color

– Sega Game Gear/ megadrive / master system

– Atari Systems

– Neo Geo Pocket / Color

– wonderswan/color


– virtual boy

– Turbo grfx

– PC engine

– And more!!

More games can be added by USB thumb drive with ease!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

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