Circuit Gem


Circuit gem is a VMU Zero built around a pcb specially designed by brilliant modder from the sudomod.com forums who goes by username Kite (@Kiteretro on Instagram)!

Circuit Gem is a Raspberry Pi based Handheld Retro Gaming device Hand built by me! (@Marky_Pi)

Basically an Epic baby gameboy that plays all of your childhood favorites! Missed out on the NES classic? Already have one and love it? How about having a tiny on the go version capable of supporting almost ALL of the systems and classic games you love in your pocket at all times? (I’m not just talkin Atari, NES, Gameboy, I’m talkin up to SNES/Megadrive!) If so, you’ve come to the right place! Click the description box below for additional information about the Circuit Gem.



– Original VMU buttons
– Speaker
– Volume control
– Onscreen keyboard
– 240×240 IPS LCD screen
– 750mah Rechargeable Lipo Battery
– Battery Monitor
– Safe Shutdown
– 32GB Storage that comes preloaded with a Retropie image
– Easy access to SD card
– LR Buttons for games that need them!
– SLEEP/MODE Function as both START/SELECT and X/Y buttons for systems that use them!


– Gameboy
– Gameboy Advance
– Gameboy Color
– Sega Game Gear/ megadrive / master system
– Atari Systems
– Neo Geo Pocket / Color
– wonderswan/color
– virtual boy
– Turbo grfx
– PC engine
– And more!!

Games can be added by USB thumb drive with ease!


This device will be custom made by hand out of a modified Sega VMU shell, due to this there may be minor imperfections as these shells are old! But I only use the cleanest I can find and all builds will be as close to the pictures shown as possible (I will not send out an ugly or discolored or really banged-up/scratched product!). All devices are tested in multiple ways by myself to ensure proper function!

Fulfillment Time : 4-6 weeks from date of purchase!

Thank you so much for your interest!




***** DISCLAIMER *****
I do NOT recommend making changes to the operating system unless you are familiar enough with RaspberryPi / Retropie to comfortably do so. Gems settings are tuned for a device this small and have been refined by the systems creator to be more of a ready to play device for retro gamers wanting retro mods!

Additional Information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Standard White, Clear Green, Clear Blue, Black, Solid Red Japanese Pro Wrestling, Godzilla, Seaman Clear