MintyPi V 3.5 (Pre-Built)


Full on retro gaming device in a real Altoids tin!

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MintyPi V3.5 is an incredible full on retro gaming device inside a real Altoids tin designed by brilliant modders Wermy and Helder from the forums! These guys put out incredible stuff and should definitely be checked out! (@angryhelder @sudomod_wermy on Instagram!) They designed the MintyPi into brilliant kits for modders like myself to build! Check them out if youd prefer to try building your own! (link to parts below!)

MintyPi is built around a RaspberryPi Zero W computer and emulates systems from the Atari era to SNES/Genesis era very well!


– Custom Silicone buttons

– Speaker
– Volume control
– 2.6inch LCD screen
– 2200mah Rechargeable Lipo Battery
– Battery Monitor
– Safe Shutdown
– 32GB Storage that comes preloaded with a Retropie image
– L1/2 R1/2 Shoulder Buttons

– Easy access to SD card
– USB Type C charging
– Easy access to Pi USB port for uploading games
– 3.5mm headphone jack


– Gameboy
– Gameboy Advance
– Gameboy Color
– Sega Game Gear/ megadrive / master system
– Atari Systems
– Neo Geo Pocket / Color
– wonderswan/color
– virtual boy
– Turbo grfx
– PC engine
– And more!!


This device is custom made by hand out of a laser cut Altoids tin, due to this there may be minor imperfections as these tins are recycled! But they do have to be clean enough to make the cut! Device are tested in multiple ways by myself to ensure proper function!


*** Fulfillment time 4-6 weeks max ***

Additional Information
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
Button Color


Tin Color

Red, Blue, Cinnamon / Maroon

3D Print Color

Red, Black, Maroon, Grey, Transparent / Clear